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Fibaro Smart Home Center Gateway FGHC2

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Home Center is the hub unit of high computing power, used to control the FIBARO system.
HC2 communicates with up to 230 actors and sensors using wireless communication protocol named Z-Wave.
Work of FIBARO control unit is protected by advanced data backup and recovery system.
Using the user-friendly configuration interface of Home Center , you can create advanced, pre-defined scenes.
HC2 can manage user rights and supports VoIP functionality and video intercoms.
Home Center  gives users ability to write scripts in LUA, which extends the functionality of the system.
Simple, user-friendly interface.
Supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption.
Remote access via web browser or smartphone (Android and iOS apps).
Supports Magic, Block and LUA scenes.
Works with LUA and string-based virtual devices.
Compatibile with Lili and VoIP.
Can work as a stand-alone controller or a slave and also as a master controller.
Function of a geolocalization.