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Brinno EMPOWER TLC2000 Time Lapse Camera


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Product Code: TLC2000

Brinno EMPOWER TLC2000 Time Lapse Camera

Product Description

Product Description

NEW! Brinno EMPOWER - Designed to Deliver More Than You Can Imagine

Compact in size, superb in battery management, and versatile in shooting modes, the 4th generation Brinno EMPOWER stands out among TLC camera family.

With a simple push of a button, the neat all-in-one cam enhances its performance by improving HDR & FHD functions, and produces great video of spectacular resolution in any light situation. The powerful shooting schedule function allows you to flexibly set up video recording to meet various project demands. The newly added Stop Motion shooting mode makes it easy in capturing animated video for your artwork creation.

Brinno EMPOWER is SIMPLE, POWERFUL & FLEXIBLE. It lowers the bar for time lapse lovers and empowers small business owners to effortlessly create their own video footage whenever they see fit.




Take a sequence of photos at the interval and shooting schedule of your choice. The camera auto-captures and edits frames into project documentation video for easy jobsite monitoring and archiving.



Record short video clips at selected capture intervals. The camera auto combines clips into fantastic ready-to-view storytelling narratives.


Manually take multiple photos one frame each time. The camera auto combines photos into dynamic animated video that shows your creative talent.


  • HDR & FHD Imaging Technologies
  • Flexible Schedule Setup
  • Super Long Battery Life
  • Interchangeable Lenses
  • LCD Display Screen