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Smartest Home Product Review

by | April 2, 2018
Smartest Home Product Review

Smart Lookever Camera

This smart camera is not only sleek and stylish but serves an essential purpose in a smart home. This is a wireless smart camera and much like most our other products its based-on ZigBee protocol. It acts as a smart gateway and has a camera installed, and can support motion detection and alarms. Its HD Optical Lens also has an infrared night vision.


While this is perfect for security purposes its two-way voice function also makes it very useful as a baby monitoring device that can be controlled by your mobile phone from anywhere. Its video recording and playback feature, with multi-user sharing support, can also be very useful for security purposes.


Smart wall socket outlet

Our wireless smart wall Socket is safe to use and conforms to Australian safety standards. They come with an overload protection feature and due to the fact that they provide power for electrical appliances with a smart control feature, they tend to save a lot of electrical energy. These are very durable and are made from high impact-resisting materials. The best part is that you can control every socket and manipulate its controls from your mobile phone without having to actually get up. You can turn off unwanted appliances from anywhere in the world.


Smart Wall Switch

Our smart switches operate wirelessly as well just like most of our products. They can turn on, lights, fans and other appliances with a simple touch from your phones. Our switches support both local and remote checks and controls and include features such as time settings and linkages and controls for scene management. Our wall switches come in standard Australian wall switch sizes and therefore are very easy to replace with any common wall switch.

Smart Gateway (LAN)

While all our products ooze quality, our Smart Gateway is the star product for any home automation system. This is the smart hub that integrates all other smart products to form a single system that can be accessed wirelessly on mobile phones. This smart gateway is built on a green design concept and supports low power consumption. Smart devices within the LAN can be controlled even if the internet fails.


All our devices are capable of serving you with multiple purposes. Our devices not only provide you with ease and comfort, with the best possible security and safety features for your home, they also add value to your house by giving it the feel of luxury.